frische denke (“fresh thinking”) is based in Cologne and Braunschweig (Germany). The firm offers marketing, PR and copywriting services for international companies with complex, mostly technical, products.

The creative mind behind frische denke is Jutta Thiel. I work at the crossroads between marketing, sales and technology. Before founding frische denke, I was a spokesperson for an IT distributor and an electronics company, as well as Head of Marketing & PR at a measuring equipment company.

I help my international clients to improve their corporate communications, and to seamlessly connect their marketing/PR and sales activities. For non-German companies, I focus on improving market opportunities in Germany by applying the right marketing and PR strategy suited to a German audience. This may include appropriate PR with the right media, the translation of marketing documents into idiomatic German language, or local support during trade shows taking place in Germany.

My services include:

  • Marketing and PR consulting for the German market
  • Creation of marketing and PR concepts for promoting a product/service in Germany
  • Brand management in the German market
  • Branded editorial content writing in German
  • Technical writing in German
  • Translation of flyers, brochures, websites and other marketing material from English and/or French to German
  • Drafting of press releases, case studies, technical articles
  • Pitching of articles to appropriate German media
  • Content marketing
  • Ad design and selection of appropriate German magazines
  • Creation of scripts and storyboards for video productions
  • Marketing and PR support for German trade shows
  • Writing and optimizing ChatGPT prompts in German for company-specific issues

Do you need support in implementing a sustainable and strong marketing/PR strategy for the German market? Then get in touch!

Jutta Thiel